Tara's Personal request, PLEASE DO HELP THE FURRY FRIENDS (In Your Area) You can find some ANIMAL SHELTERS AND RESCUES by clicking this link : Animal Shelters & Rescues. Or work with one of your own choosing. But PLEASE do help. If you have the love and means....please adopt a beautiful furry friend. Or donate your time, food or money. You will see how good it feels to know that you are making a very important difference!







Tara's Radio show and just some of her incredible guests!
Gregg Braden is the New York Times bestselling author of Awakening to Zero Point, Walking Between the Worlds, The Isaiah Effect and The God Code. Greggs work, experience and training allows him to teach us. He bridges the wisdom of our past with current science and medicine - to help us find out more about what and who we really are ! Truly dynamic.

JOHN HOLLAND is one of the worlds most well known Psychic Mediums. Numerous TV appearances. Top selling author!


James Van Praagh is a World Famous Medium, Co-Executive Producer of The Ghost Whisperer and Best Selling Author of Talking to Heaven, Reaching to Heaven, Healing Grief-Reclaiming Life After Any Loss and Heaven and Earth - Making the Psychic Connection. Host of his own TV show BEYOND. Appearances on 20/20, Oprah, Larry King Live, Maury Povich, 48 Hours and many more.

Some of todays most fascinating and  innovating people and subjects!
Everything from holistic and alternative therapies to metaphysical and the paranormal and every thing in between!
Researchers, Experts and Celebrities! What a great mix!

TARA NIGHT Spiritual Psychic Medium of Radio and TV

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Toronto Psychic Medium Tara Night (aka Tara Knight) is an internationally well known and reputable person in her field. Host of The Tara Night Show & previously Encounters Radio in New York . Featured on over 350 stations coast to coast. Clients include Celebrities and Professional Psychics and Mediums.Toronto Psychic reading.psychic reading in Toronto was incredible. Tara was so amazing! mississauga psychic,mississauga medium, mississauga psychic medium,mediums in canada,mediums, medium.



Tara Night in 2015

Tara Night
Spiritual Psychic Medium
Consciousness Connections

 Sessions In Person in Oakville, Ontario
Telephone Reading Sessions (available worldwide)


 New York . California . Florida
Toronto . Calgary

Schedule Your Own Reading & View Available Dates







IN PERSON in Oakville, Ontario

North America's Internationally Acclaimed Consciousness Psychic and Spiritual Medium

has appeared in hundreds of television and radio stations, magazines, online articles and newspapers.
Her very real abilities, passion for her work and incredible story have made her an a well known fixture in her work.


Tara Night was one of the first people in her field to both create and host her own radio show. Her first radio show was called "Encounters Radio" in New York. Followed by her show called " The Tara Night Show" which aired in Florida and various US markets.

There is nothing at all spooky Tara - she is a just a gifted lady on a mission to dispel the negative images that are sometimes associated to this type of work.

In numerous interviews, speaking engagements and other events Tara continues to demonstrate her ability to "pick up information from the world of Spirit and Universal consciousness" and acts as a bridge to help people on their path in life. Find out more About Tara.

The host of her own popular radio & internet radio program, she has interviewed many bestselling authors, experts & celebrities over the years. She has clients from celebrities and other Psychic Mediums, heads of corporations and many other walks of life. 
She has clients from all over the world and is a Speaker, Teacher & Spiritual Healer who conducts seminars and workshops whenever possible.

Tara very much believes in God and that this is her God chosen path in this life. She also says that the benefit from a reading with a genuine and caring Psychic Medium can sometimes help us on our journey... reminding us that we are not alone, we are loved & that our life and existence is truly very valuable and most important.
* Clients from around the world * 
* Internationally recognized with a sound reputation *
* Trusted Reader to Show hosts, media, celebrities, professional psychics and mediums.
* Featured regularly in USA & Canadian Media *
* Host of her own popular radio show *

* PLEASE READ Tara's important message
before allowing any Psychic to read for you.  
Please click here: Important Message

"In my experience I have not yet found anyone who has opened my eyes to Spirit and what exists beyond this world more than Tara. The most positive
experience I can remember having in a very long time."
... BJ Hamilton, San Francisco CA ... READ MORE TESTIMONIALS

"Best experience I have ever had with a Psychic Medium. So glad I went ahead." ... Chris Paterson, Toronto Ontario ... READ MORE TESTIMONIALS







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Tara will be NEW to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 


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